United Nations Development Program, Human Development Report Office Data Tools

For the Human Development Report Office of the United Nations Development Programme, I created a suite of pages that allow users to explore the agency's data. The data landing page features a line chart, filterable by indicator. The user can further filter the chart by selecting which countries to compare. If the user wants to explore particular years, he or she can switch to a bar chart to do so. Users can hover over the lines and bars to see values for each country. On the page with the chart, there is also an accompanying data table, which can be downloaded as a CSV.

From the data landing page, users can choose to go to individual indicator pages, which present a table of indicator data as well as a choropleth map showing worldwide trends for the latest available year.
A country landing page exists, too, from which a user can navigate to individual country pages. These country pages feature a line chart of trends for the Human Development Index, a radar chart with a comparison of indices, and tables that group the most recent indicator data by dimension. Data can be downloaded as a CSV from these pages as well.

The site and this suite of pages exists in three languages: English, Spanish and French.
The architecture for the pages was created within the Drupal content management system using Panels. D3.js was used extensively for the visualizations.